Over the past decades, we as Nordic Bulk Company have become preferred partners for our suppliers and customers at origins and destinations worldwide. The majority of our trading activities have their origin in the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea from where we ship grains, oilseeds and pulses to customers nearby and overseas.

We believe in long-term partnerships and our biggest asset is our reliability. Nordic Bulk Company is a Danish trading company bringing Scandinavian values into long-lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Our extensive worldwide network and vast trading experience has been obtained over many decades. Flexibility and adjustment to the continuously changing international trading environment are key focus points. We take pride in supplying the right quality at the right time at a competitive price. Furthermore, Nordic Bulk Company believe that the importance of feed and food safety is essential throughout the process of executing a business and have therefore been GTP-certified since 2004.

GTP-certified Nordic Bulk Company A/S has been GTP-certified since December 2004.

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